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What is egg donation treatment?

Egg donation treatment is using donor egg and your partner or donor sperm to create an embryo in a test tube and transfer it into your uterus. This procedure increases chances for pregnancy.

Do the chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs depend on the female age?

Pregnancy and live birth rates depend on the age when you use your own eggs for IVF. Pregnancy rates and live birth rates when using a donor egg depend on the age of the donor, the quality of the embryo and the thickness of your uterine lining.

Do I get egg donation guarantees at Scanfert Clinic?

Many of our patients have already had unsuccessful IVF with their own eggs and they are afraid to repeat failure with donor eggs as well.

We can offer you guarantees for eggs and embryos:

  • 8 eggs/2 embryos for usage (transfer/ freezing) on day 5 (in program of personalized cycle of egg donation – fresh)
  • 15 eggs/4 embryos for usage (transfer/ freezing) on day 5 (in program of IVF cycle of egg donation with guarantee)
Can I choose an egg donor for IVF myself?

Yes, absolutely. We have a vast egg donor data base, where you can choose a donor, according to more than 160 parameters (personal details as well as family history and human values). The base includes pictures of donors under 12 years old to help you make your choice.

How soon can I start my egg donation IVF treatment at the Scanfert Clinic?

You can start your treatment at any suitable time, which is convenient for you to plan your visit to Saint-Petersburg. The day of visit shouldn’t depend on your menstrual cycle. Just tell us, when you plan to visit us and which egg donor you’ve chosen, so that we could prepare your personal treatment plan in advance. You need to visit us only once, having assistance from a local doctor in your home country.

Who are the egg donors?

Oocyte donors, according to Russian Law can be women aged 18 to 35 years old, physically and mentally healthy, who have undergone a medical genetic examination. Oocyte donors can be both non-anonymous and anonymous donors. At Scanfert Clinic we shifted the donors age to 32 as our experience shows that this increases chances for getting excellent quality eggs with less stimulation. From all the applications we accept only 10% of them through our tests. We make sure that all the donors are healthy women with respect for motherhood. They all have their personal motivation letters, which you can read in their profiles in the egg donor data base.

What tests do the egg donors have?

1) Interview with our egg donor team. It helps to get the donor’s motivation for donation; Completing a full questionnaire about donor medical history;

2) Laboratory testing and checks by a General Practitioner, a Gynecologist, a Psychiatrist to be sure that the donor understands fully the long terms consequences of the donation.

Can I connect with the egg donor of my child in future?

According the law, in Russia the egg donations are anonymous. We can provide you an extended donor profile, but you will not be able to contact with the donor directly. The donor will also never get information about you to make a contact.

What treatment should I get to make my body ready for egg donation IVF?

You will need not much medication: hormonal support in the form of patches, tablets and pessaries. This will help to provide your body’s perfect condition for the embryo transfer.

Is it possible to have sperm and egg donation IVF at your clinic?

Yes, absolutely. We have our own sperm donors data base, where you can choose a donor by age, blood group, height, weight, hair and eye color. If you are interested in a donor with a more extended profile, we are ready to help you select the one from the European sperm bank and give you sperm transportation support.

Can I have another IVF with the eggs of the same donor?

One of the goals in IVF is to create as much embryos as possible. After the first embryo transfer remained embryos are vitrificated and you can use them in future if you need more IVF attempts or if you want to have brothers or sisters for your children. If no frozen embryos are left, there’s a chance, that your donor will come back for one more donation for you. This is possible as our donors are loyal, motivated and have a huge respect for motherhood.

Do I have to tell my child about my egg donation IVF?

This is a very personal story and it’s fully up to you whether to tell you child about using egg donation IVF or not. There’s no right or wrong answer.


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