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You can choose the egg donor at Scanfert Clinic!

In many clinics around the world patients can’t choose egg donors as the choice is made by doctors. Scanfert Clinic is one of the few clinics in Europe, where you can choose the donor by yourself.

We understand that receiving as much information about the donor as possible is extremely important for our patients. This includes donors’ physical parameters, education, social background, relatives' look and even human values. To provide our patients with full information and help them make their choice, donors of our database prepare their personal motivation letters.

We know, that choosing a donor is a hard thing to do. Sometimes our patients choose a donor by his look, sometimes they do it by feeling and intuition. All patients need time to make a decision.

We have a donors’ database with extensive donors profiles, so you’ll have a wide choice. At Scanfert Clinic you can choose a donor by yourself and be fully involved in creating your child’s personality. It is you, not the donor, who will create your child and who will be the parent.

The advantages of our egg donors database are:

  • 150 healthy, active and well-educated donors;
  • Vast choice of donors from 20 to 32 years by your parameters;
  • All the donors have their own children*;
  • All the donors are checked by a General Practitioner, a Gynecologist and a Psychiatrist. We meet all of them personally to get their family medical history and details on their personality;
  • Extended information profiles (160 and more details about each donor);
  • Several pictures of the chosen donor;
  • Letters about personal reasons for becoming an egg donor;
  • Personal assistance with choosing if needed;
  • Each donor is ready for ovarian stimulation and donation at any time;
  • Our experts will choose the most appropriate variants for you and provide access to donor profile including photos of childhood and adulthood.

* The database may contain donors with a rare but sought-after phenotype who do not have children of their own, since this does not contradict Order No. 803N of July 31, 2020, on the procedure for using assisted reproductive technologies, contraindications and restrictions to their use.

Motivation Letters

Wishing to receive access to the egg donor database? Need help with your donor choice?
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