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Indications for egg donation

Premature menopause. Women suffering from premature menopause unable to conceive a child due to run out supply of eggs. However, most women still can become pregnant and give birth to a child during the premature menopause because their uterus is still functioning well. At Scanfert Clinic IVF with egg donation is available for women up to 51.

Low quality and low quantity of eggs. Usually, the older a woman becomes, the less number of eggs in her body is. Moreover, as the years pass by, the eggs can lose their quality. This may cause problems in treating infertility, and getting pregnant in a normal manner becomes impossible. In this case, IVF with egg donation at Scanfert Clinic can be a solution.

Repeated IVF failures. Unfortunately, IVF success rate reduces when it comes to women of the older age. After 38 the number of failures of embryos implanting is caused by lowered eggs quality. By the age of 42 IVF success rate is only 5%. But at this age women still can get pregnant and deliver a child. So, one of the options for them is using egg donation.

Medical conditions. Egg donation is a suitable option for women who don’t have their own eggs in the ovaries because of some diseases or as a result of medical treatment (like chemotherapy).

Hereditary problems. Some women with hereditary problems have a high risk of passing their diseases on to their children. When a donor’s egg is used, the child will carry the genes of the donor and the genetic disease of his mother will be avoided. In this regard, desire to avoid child’s Down’s Syndrome can be met by using a donor egg as well, because the possibility of this disease increases with the age of the genetic mother. Our egg donors’ data base includes women under 32, 26 years old in average.

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