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Single sperm cryopreservation

What is the method of sperm cryopreservation for?

This method of cryopreservation allows the preservation of single sperm, both in the ejaculate and as a result of the surgical method of obtaining sperm during testicular biopsy.

The technique was developed by Israeli male infertility specialists. The embryologists of our clinic have been trained by the developers and have successfully implemented this method.

Cryopreservation of single sperm on SpermVD carriers allows avoiding accidental loss of single sperm, which, unfortunately, is inevitable with the traditional method of sperm freezing.

How does it happen?

With this method of cryopreservation, each detected sperm with the help of microinstruments is placed in separate drops located on the surface of the carrier, which, in turn, is placed in a separate cryovial and sent for storage to the Sperm Bank.

What patients is it for?

Thanks to this method, patients with a severe form of cryptozoospermia get an additional chance to preserve and use, literally, single, sperm for fertilization.


Single sperm cryopreservation

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