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For women 35‑39

Unfortunately, after the age of 30 the eggs in a woman’s body start to age. At the age of 35-39 about half of your eggs could be abnormal, which means that they can’t lead to a healthy baby pregnancy. We recommend you not to wait any longer and move on to the way of becoming a mother, so that you could have a chance to deliver a baby from your own eggs and donor sperm.

Treatment opportunities

  1. If your reproductive system functions well, you have a good ovarian reserve and your fallopian tubes are open, the most optimal way for you is an artificial intra-uterine insemination (IUI) with partner or donor sperm. IUI is a process when sperm is transferred into the uterus. To increase the success we accurately prepare sperm for the procedure: we wash it and centrifuge to get the highest quality sperm.
  2. If you have unsuccessful IUIs in your medical history or if your fallopian tubes don’t function as they are supposed to, we are ready to offer you an IVF with your own eggs and partner or donor sperm. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a process when eggs are fertilized by sperm in a test tube and transferred back to the uterus on a specially chosen time. One of IVF advantages for women over 35 is opportunity to implement pre-implantation genetic diagnostics.
  3. If you have severe medical issues like fallopian tubes dysfunction or removal, endometriosis, fibroids, reduced follicular reserve (low AMH) or premature menopause, we will select the best options for you. One of them can be IVF with donor eggs and donor sperm.
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