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For women 40‑42

For women of 40-42 the chance to have healthy eggs is 20-25%. If you decide to postpone maternity, it may have high risks because the eggs are becoming older and number of normal quality eggs declines.

Treatment opportunities

  1. If your follicular reserve is normal or reduced not much, we would recommend to choose an IVF with your own eggs and partner or donor sperm. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a process when eggs are fertilized by sperm in a test tube and transferred back to the uterus in a specially chosen time and date. One of IVF advantages for women over 35 is opportunity to implement pre-implantation genetic diagnostics.
  2. If you have unsuccessful IVFs in your medical history or your follicular reserve is low, IVF with donor eggs can be a successful option for you. IVF with donor eggs includes egg retrieval from the donor. One or two of them are fertilized in the test tube and transferred to your uterus at a specially selected day of your menstrual cycle.
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