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Creating Life

For women 43‑50

If you’re at the age 43-50, you’re sadly unlikely to have healthy eggs. However, there is a chance for you to become a mother by having an IVF with donor eggs and partner or donor sperm.

IVF with donor eggs includes egg retrieval from the donor. One or two of them are fertilized in the test tube and transferred to your uterus at a specially selected day of your menstrual cycle. This treatment can’t be implemented only in case of your uterus absence or on serious medical reasons.

We understand, that it would be a difficult decision. If it is your sincere wish, your dream to become a mother, here at Scanfert Clinic we are ready to do everything to fulfil your

We have a huge experience in egg donation. We’ve built up this process so that it has maximum effectiveness, simplicity and low stress for our patients. 90% of treatment can be carried out in your home country and you have to come to Scanfert Clinic for egg and sperm collection and embryo transfer only one time for several days.

There are 3 people involved in egg donation treatment: the egg donor, the egg recipient and sperm provider. All our egg donors are women under 32 who have own children and who had a thorough medical checkup. We collect their photos as children and adults, as well as their family medical history. If you would like to use eggs of your own donor (a friend or relative), we can organize this as well.

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