For every person “happiness” is different

For every person “happiness” is different. My happiness is my family and my precious child. I’m sure every woman sooner or later starts thinking about maternity because there’s no more wonderful thing than your dearest one looking at you. The whole world is standing still while you’re watching the most native creature on the planet with his mother’s nose and his father’s eyes. When me and my husband planned kids I couldn’t imagine how much I will love these small legs and hands being forever grateful to Mother Nature for that sacred gift! I remember every movement inside my belly, the first delivery, the first word and the first step. And you know, this innocent blessed feeling is inexpressible. When I read stories about miserable children my heart is bleeding because children are flowers of our lives. They came into our world to be loved and bring love. They give us the most positive emotions and the adults have to bring them warm feelings back. I feel a huge sympathy to women with fertility problems and I would like to lend a helping hand to everyone, to hold and to say: “Dear friend, you’ll certainly succeed”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have such an opportunity before today! That’s the reason why I’m going to be an egg donor and to help! I guess every one of us has her chance of happiness and maternity.