I’ve made my choice some years ago

I’ve made my choice some years ago.

I used to spend a lot of time in hospital, when I was a teenager.  And I always met there people who had cold or more serious illness. Every single time I found myself thinking about me being unable to help them and these thoughts have been haunting me all this time.

After turning 18 years I’ve become a blood donor in the hope of helping other people.

Some years later my husband and I had been planning for pregnancy and I visited the antenatal clinic. There I could see women diagnosed with infertility. I saw pain in their eyes so I couldn’t hold back the tears. Since then I’ve thought how it is possible to help these women.

After childbirth I accidently found the article about egg donation, filled in the form and now, when I really can help, I’ll prepare seriously, and help.

Because even if woman was told that she couldn’t have children, it doesn’t mean that she can’t be a mother.