The reason to be an egg donor

The reason to be an egg donor. I was always dreaming about extraordinary help to somebody in something special. Once I saw an article about the egg donation. Having read how important it is, what kind of help I can provide, I decided to take part in the egg donor program. The risks are low and someone gets a huge chance to become a mother! My son is more than my life, he’s my universe and I could never find bigger joy. Two sacred stripes, the first kick of a little leg inside…I was so overwhelmed that passed two hours waiting for the next kick. I’ve never admired my body so much before! Even though by the 9th month I looked like a lump of dough. When finally we met, everything turned upside down. My life was divided between “before” and “after”. I watched his face, movement of small legs and hands every second. Can he see me? Can he hear me? I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and thought:”Dear God, what a lucky I am! I love him so!” From his very first days, even nature seemed brighter to me, I’m not exaggerating. The sun in the window, our house and people around us have changed. I remember, he got used to being covered by kisses as soon as he woke up. It took him 3 months only to start smiling after sleep because he was looking forward to his mom start kissing him everywhere. We slept together and keep on sleeping together and I suppose, it will be long. I can talk about him endlessly because I’m a very soulful person. Writing these words I’m crying. I’m very sensitive and I’m ready to do anything for my child. Dear mothers, I know for sure that you will be mothers. You go through the hard times but I sincerely believe you’ll succeed. Never give up. There are lots of people who understand you and lend you their helping hand. You will be a mom and feel a new life growing inside. With the whole power of my thoughts, I wish you good luck and patience! Best Regards, your egg donor.