There is a special person in everybody’s life

There is a special person in everybody’s life. It’s the most loved, the dearest, and the closest person. This person is a mother. Unfortunately, not every woman is meant to be a mother and that’s why I’ve decided to be a donor.

To be a mother is a sacred gift, a gift of fortune. Many women dream of motherhood and suffer because they can’t be a mother. At the same time, women who have children are happy.

The word “motherhood” itself is filled with warmth, kindness and tenderness. Mother is the closest and the dearest person in the world for everybody of us. And it doesn’t matter if we are children or adult, independent people, there’s no one as important as mother.

Mother gave every person the most essential thing – life. I have two children, one daughter and one son. And motherhood is the most wonderful thing in my life. I really want one more family to become happy and one more woman to give birth to her happiness. Real motherhood is not only about giving birth to a child, but it is also about taking care for the whole life. And the greatest reward for a mother is to age surrounded by her children and grandchildren.

God grant every woman to find her happiness of motherhood.

I believe that infertility doesn’t mean that a woman can’t be a mother.

Even when I was a little girl I already knew that I want to be a mother. To grow up and to have children seemed to me as simple and natural as to eat, to drink or to sleep. When it became clear that my path to motherhood would be rather thorny I was shocked and crushed. Today I can say “rather thorny”, when everything is known, clear and the way is passed, but then it was felt like a great mountain had risen on my way. I know, I understand that every woman, every family has their own history and their own “mountain”. But there’s no way back, it must be done, because the result is definitely worth of all the efforts. And as far as I can help I just can’t stay aside.