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Artificial Insemination

About IUI

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a process when sperm is transferred into the uterus. It is a relatively simple, but effective way to overcome the difficulties of infertility.

We recommend IUI to single women and to women whose infertility is connected with moderate reduction of partner's sperm quality, immune infertility, cervical factor infertility and unexplained infertility. The important condition of IUI is fallopian tubes functioning.


IUI pregnancy rate for one cycle is around 20%. Usually, we do 3-4 insemination cycles, 87% of which end with a pregnancy. If these attempts do not lead to a pregnancy, we recommend to implement an IVF treatment.

The success of the IUI depends on different factors including infertility period, age of a woman, semen analysis, number of insemination attempts in the past.

The procedure

Before sperm transfer into the uterus, the woman gets stimulation of her ovaries with FSH and estrogens. This medication proved its efficiency in increasing the results. IUI can be made in a natural cycle (with no stimulation), but such a procedure is 2-3 times less efficient than FSH stimulation preceded insemination.

Besides preparing woman body for the procedure, we accurately prepare sperm for the procedure as well: we wash it and centrifuge to get the highest quality sperm.

If you are having an insemination with donor sperm, we thaw it and make it ready for the procedure. If you are going to use your partner’s sperm, it should be collected on the insemination day by masturbation.

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