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IVF with guarantee programs

In Scanfert Clinic we can offer you 3 programs of IVF treatment with guarantee:

  1. 50% of the cost will be refunded if no pregnancy occurs after 3 IVF/ICSI with your own eggs; price for this program is €9.900
  2. 50% of the cost will be refunded if no pregnancy occurs after 3 IVF/ICSI with donor eggs (without pre-implantation genetic testing); price for this program is €12.390
  3. 50% of the cost will be refunded if no pregnancy occurs after 3 IVF/ICSI with donor eggs (with up to 4 embryos PGT included); price for this program is €14.900

All of these programs include:

  • Personal assistance in choosing your personal donor from our database;
  • Fixed price with discount compared to 3 IVF/ICSI with donor eggs following frozen embryo transfers of the remained embryos.

IVF with guarantee programs have its advantages:

  • Of course, it is cost-effective. Many patients are not sure about their future treatment, its time and costs. This can lead to the situation when they spend the same amount of money, but with no guarantee. Sometimes the decision to continue treatment or not depends on the costs.

PGT for 23 Chromosome Pairs

An embryo can be morphologically good, which means that it looks like a normal one, but still can’t implant. This is highly likely due to a wrong chromosome number. Testing embryos for 23 chromosome pairs helps us to choose the ones that have the best chances for a successful pregnancy and can lead to a live birth. Therefore this test is included into two of our guarantee programs and as part of the treatment.

We have been performing PGT (pre-implantation genetic testing) since 1999. We’ve been the first clinic in Russia where patients with chromosome aberrations give birth to healthy children with their own cells. We helped them to exclude genetic disease in their embryos.

Since 2013 we’ve been performing PGT for 23 chromosome pairs. It increased IVF success for patients who had had unsuccessful IVFs or recurrent miscarriage and for patients of advanced reproductive age.

Unsure about your own chances? Interested in a program with guarantee?
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