The Art Of
Creating Life

Single women

Are you a single woman and want to start your own family? Here at Scanfert Clinic we are ready to help your dreams come true!

Sperm donors

Scanfert Clinic has its own sperm donor database, where you have an opportunity to choose a donor by several parameters: age, blood group, height, weight, hair and eye color. If you are interested in a donor with a more extended profile, we are ready to help you select the one from the European sperm bank and give you sperm transportation support. 

Starting way to motherhood

To start your way to motherhood, just contact us. From the start you will be allocated with your personal English-speaking coordinator. The coordinator will stay in contact with you through all your treatment process, and will give you all the support to help you stay informed and to take the steps needed. She will also render assistance in working out the program of your treatment and in organizing your visit to Saint-Petersburg, including travel support.

You will also get a doctor and a nurse personally attached to you. The first consultation is very important to assess your chances and to prevent the influence of your possible health issues on your success.

Ways of initial consultations are: Skype or telephone call

Main topics for the first consultations are:

  • Discussing your treatment goals and the ways to achieve them;
  • Collecting your medical history;
  • Collecting and discussing the results of your laboratory tests, made at your local hospital;
  • Working out your personal treatment plan.

Are you healthy? Please choose your age group:

  • Under 35
  • 35-39
  • 40-42
  • 43-50

Do you have any special medical conditions?

If you have any special medical conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, premature menopause or any other, we are ready to give a free consultation to find the best way of treatment for you. Even if you have no eggs or eggs of low quality, we can help you to become a mother with the help of donor eggs treatment.

Unsure about your own chances? Interested in a program with guarantee?
Please, write us!