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Social egg freezing

Social egg freezing is a process of eggs cryopreservation for social reasons with no certain medical indications.

Woman’s eggs reserve is in her ovaries when she is born. Unfortunately, after the age of 30 the eggs in a woman’s body start to age. It means that there are more and more abnormal and unhealthy eggs, which can’t lead to a healthy baby pregnancy. The percentage of such eggs increases intensively after 40, which makes it almost impossible to get normal eggs at the age above 43. So, if a woman freezes her eggs under 35, she increases her chances for a successful pregnancy in later years.

In women:

20-25% of eggs are abnormal in the age of 30

40-45% of eggs are abnormal in the age of 35

70-75% of eggs are abnormal in the age of 40

Some women are not ready to become mothers before the age of 30 due to their personal social reasons. Sometimes they don’t proceed to motherhood because of getting treatment from diseases like cancer or removal of ovaries or tubes.

The procedure

  1. First, the woman gets stimulation which is aimed at producing many eggs in her ovaries.
  2. Then the woman undergoes the procedure of collecting the eggs by the doctor. He collects the eggs by passing a very thin needle through the vagina into each ovary. The manipulation is implemented under a general anesthetic.
  3. The collected eggs are taken to the laboratory for vitrification and storage.

Eggs freezing

  • We’ve been performing vitrification of eggs since 2008.
  • In Russia it is possible to be not married and to use your frozen eggs.
  • We are ready to offer you IVF with your eggs up to the age of 51.
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