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Legislation about donating eggs in Russia

Comparing to European countries, Russia’s legislation regarding the egg donation is one of the most liberal ones:

  • Russian law allows to donate eggs;
  • Anonymity of the donors is guaranteed in Russia;
  • All donors are from 20 till 32 years old and have their own children;
  • Donors get compensations in Russian clinics;
  • Known donors, like relatives, are accepted.

At Scanfert Clinic we strictly follow the law regulations concerning the information security: personal data is securely stored both from donors and recipients, the information about using donor eggs is also a subject of medical secrecy and your child will never get this information from us. It is up to you to decide whether to tell the child about the donation or not.

We can give you some information about the donor: an extended profile including the description of donor outlook and photo at the age under 12. We can’t show you the photo of an adult donor because of the anonymity principle, but we can see these photographs to make a match for you. We meet all our donors, as well as we do with you, which helps us to make a good match.

Compared to many clinics in Europe, where women over 40 are not accepted, we are ready to offer treatment for women before their 51th birthday.

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