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Egg donation at Scanfert Clinic has excellent success rates: 64% pregnancy rate and 54% live birth rate, the highest ones in Russia.

All the remained embryos are frozen to be used later if you need another transfer attempt or if you would like to have brothers or sisters to your child. Success rates for frozen embryos are 98% survival after thawing and 50% pregnancy per transfer.

Due to our prudent selection of donors, the eggs and sperm received by our patients are of excellent quality, which provides the same risk of miscarriages as woman in their twenties have with their own eggs. We as well use efficient hormone treatment.

The treatment at Scanfert Clinic is affordable because our patients can receive 1-2 embryos and can not pay for other expenses of a personal donor.

We also offer IVF with guarantee programs. We promise to return 50% of the money back if no pregnancy occurs after 3 IVF/ICSI transfers with donated eggs embryos.

Our success rates are increased, firstly, because of our thorough selection of eggs and sperm donors and the highest laboratory standards, which provides excellent quality of the embryos.



  • She set me up for a positive result at the first appointment although other doctors at other clinics offered IVF with donor eggs because of low ovarian reserve. After further examination, I went through the stimulation protocol and got my eggs and then high quality embryos. Embryo transfer was successful and three weeks later, I could see my child’s heartbeat. ...
  • Good afternoon. My husband and I want to express our deepest gratitude to doctor Alla Kalugina. We met her in 2009 and we liked her from the very beginning. She is highly qualified, calm, kind, thoughtful and has a beautiful smile! She explained everything clearly and in detail at the appointment. After two IVF protocols two happy people became parents ...
  • I had several unsuccessful IVF protocols at the Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after V.I. Kulakov since 2012. Nevertheless, I never had hCG level higher than 1. I had been tested many times, had a hysteroscopy twice, completed four courses of physiotherapy, I had pipelle-biopsy several times, plasma exchange etc. I moved to Saint Petersburg. Here, I went ...
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