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The welcome package from Scanfert clinic is two free Skype sessions – the first with our lead fertility specialist and the second with one of our donors. Saint Petersburg is closer than it seems, one click away from you. Let's get acquainted.
Hi, Alla!
Talk about your desires and doubts with Alla Kalugina, fertility specialist of the highest category and the leading doctor of Scanfert clinic.
Hi, Friend!
Meet one of our donors who has a successful history of participation in donor programs. Find out everything you're interested in: treatment details, motives, donor responsibility.
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IVF with guarantee
Learn about Scanfert clinic programs with guarantee and why we can guarantee you a child.
History of treatment
We do not refuse complicated patients and take into account previous treatment experience. You do not need to hide anything.
Et cetera
Talk about what you want. The first conversation – a small but important step that can change you.
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Our coordinator will contact you as soon as possible to schedule the convenient time for the skype-session.